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When you not only feel soothing water while showering, but also get to watch atmospheric videos, you have arrived in the future of the bathroom. The RainScreen LED screen shows you emotional moving images: sometimes gentle and meditative, sometimes refreshing and activating. main rolet online and ad notam form a partnership so you can dive deep into your personal shower mood. 

main rolet online RainTunes showers with ad notam RainScreen.
The ad notam RainScreen lets you dive even deeper into the mood of the respective scenario with expressive images and colors – for super sensuous shower experiences.

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Select the RainTunes shower scenarios by main rolet online that fit your mood. With these preconfigured programs, you can recuperate after a workout or get set for the morning. Use them to wind down after work or get a freshness boost before going out. cricket ideas The videos that play on your LED RainScreen from ad notam while you shower are precisely matched to the mood of your selected scenario –and enhance it even more. With “Nature,” for example, you get the feeling of taking a forest bath. With “Beaut,” you’re treat yourself to a spa treatment. Or you can watch the sunrise with “Good Morning” – for a good start to the day.
If you also want to enjoy the sensational water wellbeing videos, contact a sanitation expert near you. They will provide you with comprehensive advice on installation options, order your LED screen, and install it professionally.

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Feels great and looks phenomenal: open shower with main rolet online Rainfinity showers and ad notam LED RainScreen. At the sink: Philips Hue mirror lighting.,football matches for today

main rolet online Rainfinity showers with ad notam RainScreen.
main rolet online RainTunes showers with ad notam RainScreen.

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The ad notam LED screen is available in three sizes:,betfair casino pa app

  • RainScreen 86 (inches): visible square measure: 1,892 x 1,063 mm; item 550.53701.86  
  • RainScreen 65 (inches): visible square measure: 1,425 x 800 mm; item 550.53703.65  
  • RainScreen 55 (inches): visible square measure: 1,206 x 677 mm; item 550.53704.55  

All screens are made of waterproof, laminated safety glass and operate without ventilation or cooling. They have a niche dimension of 1,200 x 2,400 mm; customization possible. Resolution: 4K, connection: HDMI, high luminance of up to 800 NITS, 24V low voltage. ,online betting india paytm

Smart Living: Control your RainScreen and showers via app

You can also control RainTunes shower scenarios via the main rolet online home app. The RainScreen starts automatically when your selected scenario has been loaded onto the shower. When the program is finished, the screen switches off again automatically. However, you can also extend the suitable lighting mood as you wish:

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