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                        1. Products

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                              HPZ Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

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                              The JOYAL HPZ series single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is combined with world advanced technology and the metal nature. It is suitable for primary and secondary crushing of various of mines and rocks, such as granite, limestone, quartz, sand stone, marble and pebbles that with hardness of f=5-16,even like nonmetallic ore, cement, construction, sand making, metallurgy, etc.

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                              1. Applications: Can be widely used in metal and non-metal mines, cement plants, construction, sand, metallurgy and other industries.

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                                                      1. Optimized cavity, higher production capacity, better end products shape: crushing works between materials that increases the working life of mantle and bowl liner, meanwhile provide a more consistent gradation and superior cubic products.
                                                      2. Completely automatic control system: it can realize unmanned operation by continuously measuring and automatic setting system, also the specification of crushing, hydraulic and lubrication in operation will be real-time displayed, so as to reduce the unnecessary losses made by human errors and maximize energy into production.
                                                      3. Safe and reliable: adoption of international first-class brand controller to ensure the working pressure maximum 4MPA, and replaced the common water cooling system to be air cooling system, so as to avoid lack of water and leakage of water happens.
                                                      4. Easy to maintenance:The structure of cone crusher is simple and compact.It has the features of stable performance, not easy to fault and convenient maintenance..

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                                                      HPZ Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher


                                                            The electromotor leads the eccentric sleeve to rotate by the V-belt, drive shaft and drive gear. The movable cone does rotary and pendulum movement under the leading role of eccentric sleeve which makes the movable cone and fixed cone close and far away from time to time. The raw material is crushed in the crusher chamber by squeezing and striking continuously. The crushed stone discharges from the bottom.

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                                                            Model Cavity Feeding size(mm) Discharge size (mm) Capacity(t/h) Motor Power(kw) Weight (kg)
                                                            HPZ100 Medium <105 8-22 45-90 90 5700
                                                            Medium fine <85 8-22 40-80
                                                            Super fine <32 6-19 40-65
                                                            HPZ430 Super Coarse <185 13-38 69-208 132 9200
                                                            Coarse <145 13-38 66-150
                                                            Medium fine <115 10-32 57-145
                                                            Medium <90 8-32 61-104
                                                            Medium fine <75 8-25 51-92
                                                            Fine <50 6-25 48-77
                                                            HPZ440 Super Coarse <215 16-44 114-384 220 14300
                                                            Coarse <175 13-44 101-229
                                                            Medium Coarse <140 13-38 97-242
                                                            Medium <110 13-38 117-194
                                                            Medium fine <85 8-32 90-248
                                                            Fine <70 10-32 96-208
                                                            HPZ660 Super Coarse <270 16-51 177-511 315 26800
                                                            Super Coarse <235 16-51 174-359
                                                            Coarse <215 16-51 171-353
                                                            Medium Coarse <175 16-44 162-364
                                                            Medium <135 16-38 197-403
                                                            Medium fine <115 13-38 192-363
                                                            Fine <90 13-38 195-323
                                                            Super fine <65 13-22 211-290
                                                            HPZ870 Super Coarse <300 22-71 448-1331 500 49800
                                                            Coarse <240 19-71 406-1286
                                                            Medium Coarse <195 19-71 380-1206
                                                            Medium <155 19-71 400-1098

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