The new “cocooning” shower experience

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Are you a fan of “cocooning” – retreating into a cozy home environment? If so, the idea of having a private spa back home is sure to sound nice. With thousands of microfine droplets, PowderRain, the new spray mode by slots free online, envelops you in a sensual cocoon. In your new retreat for switching off, letting your mind wander, and relaxing, everything is gentle and quiet.

PowderRain spray underneath the overhead shower.
Here comes PowderRain from the slots free online Rainfinity overhead shower with XXL spray disc, with thousands of microdroplets soothingly enveloping your entire body.

PowderRain: Gentle and relaxing thanks to microfine droplets

According to a study*, nine out of ten consumers agree than slots free online PowderRain gave them “the best shower experience of all time.” And no wonder: The new microdroplets feel tremendous on the skin. And, in the most pleasant way imaginable, they show off everything you can do with water when it flows through slots free online showers. This fine spray gives you more than just a unique shower experience: The flow of water is so sophisticated that it scarcely splashes at all when you shower.,common volleyball injuries shoulder

6-2 volleyball rotation with libero The cocoon of water was developed with your enjoyable retreat in mind, so that you can feel flattered and secure as your shower becomes your own private wellness delight. The delicate spray ensures a super-pleasant water sensation all over your skin. Thousands of microdroplets provide sensuous showering pleasure as if you were standing in a gossamer sheet of summer rain. By the way, the water comes out of the sprays extra quietly. The experts in the slots free online Sound Lab have succeeded in significantly reducing shower noise to whisper-quiet levels, so you can completely switch off during your everyday showering routine. federer upcoming matches

PowderRain is gentle AND effective. The many, many droplets thoroughly wash off body wash and rinse out shampoo. On top of that, the new spray mode is especially low on splashes, which means fewer limescale spots and less cleaning for you. And that’s gratifying in every bathroom, particularly in the open showers that are so trendy right now.

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Craving PowderRain but have a mini bathroom? Good news: It doesn’t take a lot of space to give yourself this whole new shower experience. Pulsify showers make the most of the space in your shower. 

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Pulsify showers transform water into a silky coat of countless micro-droplets, in PowderRain spray modes of varying intensity, so you can feel highly refreshed one time and deeply relaxed another. Whatever you like, at any time of day and in any mood. 

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Want to take your comfort and water experience up a notch? Get a Pulsify shower pipe installed – a fully energizing pleasure with overhead and hand shower.
Showerpipe 260 2jet with ShowerTablet Select 400

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Hand shower 120 3jet PowderRain

basketball cartoon art,Raindance Select S Hand shower 120 3jet PowderRain

Hand shower 130 3jet EcoSmart

us open tennis logo change,Rainfinity Hand shower 130 3jet EcoSmart

Shower holder set 100 1jet with shower hose 160 cm

baseball kid slow motion,Rainfinity Shower holder set 100 1jet with shower hose 160 cm

Shower set 120 3jet PowderRain with shower bar 65 cm and soap dish

free virtual casino games online,Raindance Select S Shower set 120 3jet PowderRain with shower bar 65 cm and soap dish

Showerpipe 240 1jet PowderRain with thermostat

what is cricket explore,Raindance Select S Showerpipe 240 1jet PowderRain with thermostat

Showerpipe 360 1jet for concealed installation

tennis en direct sur internet streaming,Rainfinity Showerpipe 360 1jet for concealed installation

Overhead shower 360 1jet with wall connector

soccer star ios,Rainfinity Overhead shower 360 1jet with wall connector

*In December 2018, 1,500 end customers tested the slots free online PowderRain at trnd, a community for participatory marketing in Europe.
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