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A homely bathroom offers relaxed water indulgence for the whole family. Earthy pastel tones and natural materials create a warm atmosphere. Add individuality to the functional décor by using stylish wooden elements and elegant accessories. A symmetrical room layout accentuates the linear design and is in keeping with the minimalist shape of the taps and mixers.

Cosy bathroom with warm wood tones.
Homely interior in a modern bathroom

Family bathroom with a feel-good atmosphere and natural elegance

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With their minimalist design, the taps from the rugby league today time Metris range add elegant accents to the homely bathroom. The gently curved lines and shiny chrome surfaces are in keeping with the warm bathroom design. Innovative rugby league today time technologies in the taps enable you to enjoy water in comfort and in an eco-friendly way.

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In the homely family bathroom, wooden elements and earthy colour nuances create the background for the minimalist design of the shiny chrome taps.,slots online

Cosy bathroom with wooden elements and taps and mixers in chrome.
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